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Best Evergreen Salad In The World

    Best Evergreen Salad In The World

    Mu nam tok

    Mu nam tok is a typical Thai grilled pork salad from the country’s northeastern regions. Typically, the salad is created with glutinous rice, pork, oil, shallots, mint, scallions, coriander, cabbage, and more herbs.

    Before being grilled and finely sliced, the pork is marinated in a combination of sugar, fish sauce, and black pepper. The salad is mixed with fish sauce, sugar, chilli flakes, and lime juice after the ingredients have been combined.


    Nom salad is a classic Vietnamese dish. Fresh, grated vegetables such as cabbage and turnip are combined with papaya, green mango, banana flowers, cucumber slices, and occasionally shredded boiling pork. Additional frequent components are fiery chilli peppers, roasted ground nuts, and chopped carrots, which provide visual appeal and colour to the salad.

    In the north, the salad is known as nm, while in the south, it is known as gi. The salads are typically seasoned with nc chm, and they are frequently served with prawn crackers.


    West Java is the origin of the traditional Indonesian salad known as lalap or lalab. Although there is no definitive recipe for the salad, it is typically prepared with raw vegetables such as tomatoes, lemon basil, green eggplants, cucumbers, cabbage, and long beans, as well as blanched or boiled chayote, spinach, papaya leaves, water spinach, and cassava leaves.

    The salad is served cold or at room temperature, with sambal terasi dipping sauce always on the side. Lalap can also be served with pepes, fried fish, and fried chicken as a side dish.

    Best Evergreen Salad In The World


    The beet is the key component in this bright Greek meal, which is available in two variations. The cooked beets are either tossed in a yoghurt-based dressing or simply seasoned with vinegar, and the dish can be served as a purée, a salad with diced beets, or as a creamy, thick purée.

    Pantzarosalata is generally garnished with whole, halved, or smashed walnuts and is typically served as an appetiser.

    Sałatka wiosenna

    This simple and flexible Polish meal is translated as spring salad, yet it is enjoyed year-round. Spring salad is available in a seemingly unlimited variety of flavours and ingredient combinations, but it often includes lettuce, seasonal vegetables such as peppers, radishes, and cabbage, hard-boiled eggs, and a choice of meat or fish.

    It can be seasoned with a traditional vinaigrette or a creamy salad dressing and is typically served as an appetiser, side dish, or light meal.


    Chifrijo is a distinctive Costa Rican cuisine prepared by layering white rice, beans cooked with spices, chicharrón pork chunks, pico de gallo, and tortilla chips, which can also be served on the side. The dish’s name is a combination of chicharrón and frijoles (from frijol, meaning beans).

    Chifrijo was created in the 1990s by Miguel ngel Cordero Araya, a bar owner in San José, and it remains a staple of bar cuisine in Costa Rica.

    Best Evergreen Salad In The World

    Crab Louie

    Crab Louie is an American salad from the turn of the twentieth century. The salad is composed of Dungeness crab meat, tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, asparagus, hard-boiled eggs, and Louie dressing (made from chilli sauce and mayonnaise). Olives, green onions, and bell peppers are optional but can be included if desired.

    Many accounts indicate that the dish was first served in 1914 at a restaurant named Solari’s in San Francisco, although the dish’s origins are somewhat obscure. This delicious salad is typically served as an appetiser.

    Selat solo

    Selat solo is an Indonesian meal that is said to have been converted from a European salad to a Javanese taste. It originated in Solo, Central Java, hence its name. Beef tenderloin, onions, soy sauce, salt, pepper, sugar, vinegar, shallots, cloves, nutmeg, hard-boiled eggs, mayonnaise, and vegetables such as carrots, lettuce, potatoes, and green beans are used to prepare this dish.

    In a dish, the veggies and eggs are arranged, then the meat is placed on top, and the soup is poured over the meat. The meal is generally served with a side of mayonnaise and can be classified as a meat entree, a salad, and a soup.


    Giardiniera is typically composed of carrots, pearl onions, cauliflower, bell peppers, and cucumbers. Herbs and spices are added to vinegar or, in certain circumstances, oil in order to preserve vegetables. Before serving, giardiniera should be stored in a cool area so that the juices from the vegetables may release and the flavours can combine.

    This relish or condiment can be used with a number of cuisines, including sandwiches, bruschettas, burgers, or as a meat compliment, though it is typically served as an appetiser or alongside salads.

    Best Evergreen Salad In The World


    Kosambari is the most popular salad in Karnataka, an Indian state. The salad is composed of Bengal gramme and green gramme, as well as mustard seeds. The meal is renowned for its ease of preparation and high protein content.

    It is served as prasad – a religious offering – at the majority of temples. Kosambari is typically served as an appetiser, although it is also a healthful main dish or a snack. Cucumber slices or rice are frequently added as additional flavouring.

    Ghost chicken

    Ghost chicken is a Chinese salad from the Yunnan province that consists of shredded chicken, herbs including sand ginger, basil, coriander, Thai bird’s eye chile, sawtooth, and cardamom, as well as lime juice. The chicken is local chicken with black skin that has been boiled and then shredded.

    Herbs and lime juice are combined with the meat and skin. Classic chicken salads also include the chicken’s feet and skull. Moreover, the usage of aromatics demonstrates the impact of Southeast Asian cuisines, given the province’s proximity to Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam.


    Ulam refers to a range of Malaysian-style salads that are often prepared with a variety of fresh herbs and vegetables, such as betel leaves, cucumbers, and banana flowers, but may also include shoots, roots, seeds, and fruits.

    All the items can be served raw or blanched. Ulam salads are typically served as a side dish and topped with Malaysian sauces such as sambal belacan, shrimp-based cincalok, or temporal.

    Best Evergreen Salad In The World

    Snezhanka Salad

    Snow White, or Snezhanka, is a delightful salad created with ingredients such as cucumbers, garlic, dill, oil, salt, and the Bulgarian staple – in this case, yoghurt – that has been strained to make it thicker.

    Depending on individual desire, walnuts, roasted peppers, and chopped parsley are sometimes added as a topping to the salad. Snezhanka is always served cold as an appetiser, meze, side dish, or pita bread dipping sauce. When served as part of a meze, alcoholic beverages are traditionally offered alongside it.


    Traditional Slovak salad composed of cod, mayonnaise, onions, carrots, vinegar, mustard, and seasonings. The cod is cooked in a vinegar, water, and bay leaf combination. The flaking meat is then mixed with cooked carrots and additional ingredients.

    Before serving, the salad should ideally cool in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours. It is typically served with long Slovak bread rolls called roky. The recipe for the commercial form of treska was created in 1954 by Nové Mesto and Váhom chef Jlius Boko.

    Salată de sfeclă

    Salată de sfeclă is a simple and delicious beetroot-based salad from Romania. The cleaned beetroots are simmered till tender in a saucepan before being sliced, grated, or diced. The grated horseradish, oil, vinegar, and salt are combined with the beetroots. For taste, mustard seeds or cumin seeds can be added.

    This light salad, typically served as a side dish, can be served warm or cold.

    Cucumber Salad

    Norway’s traditional cucumber salad is called agurksalat. This cool salad is very popular during the summer and is available in a number of varieties. Cucumbers, water, sugar, salt, white pepper, parsley, and white wine vinegar are the typical ingredients.

    Cucumbers are simply combined with the dressing, refrigerated for about half an hour, dusted with chopped parsley, and then served, typically as a side dish for salmon or mackerel. The salad, if properly cooked, should be crisp and have a wonderful balance of sour, salty, and sweet notes from the sugar.

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