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Best Sandwiches You Should Eat For Breakfast

    Best Sandwiches You Should Eat For Breakfast

    Sandwiches For Breakfast

    Austin, Texas: Better Half Breakfast Sandwich at Better Half Coffee & Cocktails

    It takes skill to run a 24-hour cafe that is equally proficient at serving breakfast dishes, evening cocktails, burgers, and desserts.
    Better Half Coffee & Drinks fits this description. The cafe’s expansive patio is ideal for laptop workers combining business with comfort food enjoyment, happy hour, and romantic night. The Better Half breakfast sandwich is the absolute pinnacle of comfort food.

    The bread of choice is a golden, freshly baked English muffin stacked with a Jenga-like tower of toppings. This baby features a crispy hash brown burger, smoky paprika aioli, peppery arugula, and a fried egg with such farm-fresh yolk that it pours a vivid orange color. Bacon, morning sausage, avocado, and Beyond Sausage are all excellent additions and textural benefits. The price of a Better Half beauty is $11.

    Milwaukie, Wisconsin: Vegan Brekky Sammy at The National Cafe

    With an emphasis on eggs, cheese, and animal components such as sausage patties and bacon strips, breakfast sandwiches are often not a vegan’s first choice. The National Cafe in the Walker’s Point district of Milwaukie, Oregon, is redesigning the carnivorous wheel for its vegan counterpart.

    The trendy, airy cafe is all about the little things, from sourcing its food as locally as possible to adorning its industrial-chic dining area with glittering bulb lights. This philosophy relates to its unconventional approach to cuisine, especially breakfast. The $11 Vegan Brekky Sammy omits eggs in favor of a crispy hash brown patty, vegan sausage patty, melted vegan cheese, guacamole, and smokey chipotle sauce on a toasted pretzel bun and served with a fresh fruit cup (because, you know, healthy). You won’t even notice the absence of meat, especially with Mexican-inspired condiments like guacamole and chipotle.

    Best Sandwiches You Should Eat For Breakfast

    Atlanta, Georgia: Egg Sammie at Little Tart Bakeshop

    Whenever an artisanal, from-scratch bakery attempts savory treats, the results are revealing. The Little Tart Bakeshop in Atlanta is a perfect example. While the bakery is best recognized for its sweets and pastries, such as chocolate pistachio croissants and peach galettes, it is also skilled in the savory category, putting the same meticulous attention to detail as any great pastry.

    The modestly called Egg Sammie may not appear or sound unique, yet every aspect of this deceptively straightforward achievement demonstrates a high level of craftsmanship. Everything is served atop fresh, buttered English muffins that are soft and pillowy. Using Thomasville Tomme, a creamy and earthy semi-soft cow’s milk cheese from Sweet Grass Dairy, and a souffléd farm egg, the sandwich achieves an astonishingly light and airy texture. You may purchase one for $6.50 at the flagship Grant Park shop, as well as the Summerhill and Krog Street Market locations.

    Washington, D.C.: Breakfast sandwich at Colada Shop

    With its emphasis on cheese, meat, and bread, Cuban cuisine lends itself nicely to the preparation of sophisticated breakfast sandwiches. As seen at the Washington, D.C. mini-chain Colada Shop, a bright and fashionable assortment of fast-casual eateries throughout the city, Potomac, Maryland, and the Mosaic District of Fairfax, Virginia, enormous sandwiches are parred for the course. In addition to lunchtime staples such as Cuban sandwiches and Guava BBQ Lechon, the breakfast sandwiches are definitely worth the effort.

    Its fame is largely due to the bread. Cuban bread is a yeast-raised loaf that derives its chewy texture from bread flour and its tender, airy texture from lard (via Savor the Taste). This hog fat goes nicely with sandwich toppers such as mojo pork and ham, optional morning additions, and conventional fillings such as egg tortilla and gooey Swiss cheese. There is a spinach and egg white variation if you’re searching for a lighter option. Each version costs $10.

    Best Sandwiches You Should Eat For Breakfast

    Chicago, Illinois: The Spinning J Breakfast Sandwich at Spinning J

    Spinning J Bakery and Soda Fountain, renowned for its seasonal pies, milkshakes, cookies, and other nostalgic-inducing treats, is also adept with saltier ingredients. The bakery and cafe are a contemporary homage to classic soda stores. It is perched on a prominent location in Humboldt Park and offers an extensive menu of wonderfully crafted desserts and sandwiches. In the morning, the Spinning J Breakfast Sandwich is the main attraction.

    The English muffin used in the cafe’s namesake dish stands out for its immaculate perfection. It is freshly baked in-house and remarkably rich, buttery, and light. It would be excellent on its alone, but with the addition of soft scrambled eggs and sharp white cheddar, or extras such as locally sourced bacon or sausage, it becomes perfect. Consumers may substitute the English muffin for a biscuit (buttermilk or blue cheese) or go a step further with the roasted poblano and chipotle version, which includes pepper sauce and garlic greens. The cost of a basic sandwich is $8.

    Virginia Beach, Virginia: The Hecky at Three Ships Coffee

    When the number of ingredients can be counted on one hand, those ingredients must be exceptional to stand out. The breakfast sandwiches at Three Ships Coffee Roasters in Virginia Beach, notably The Hecky, are a shining example of quality above quantity.

    The stylish, nautical-themed cafe with outlets in Norfolk, Virginia, and the Hilltop neighborhood of Virginia Beach has its flagship location a few blocks from the ocean in the Vibe District. It is a cool place to hang out, get some work done, relax on the patio, and devour breakfast sandwiches stuffed with ham. The Hecky is a biscuit sandwich that features Edward’s Ham, a smokey country ham from Surry, Virginia, together with scrambled egg and Vermont cheddar cheese. The sandwich is $8.55 in price. Some great sandwiches are The Becky, The Sec, and the DIY Buttermilk Biscuit.

    Winter Park, Florida: Egg MeatMuffin at Orlando Meats

    Orlando Meats is a multitalented enterprise that combines a butcher shop, a restaurant with self-service, and a mini-market with locally produced food and sundries. It excels in a variety of tasks, especially meat preparation and creative cooking. The lively, buzzing café features inventive dishes such as chicken and brownie waffles, chicken ramen with pineapple, and ranch-seasoned pig rinds. Nevertheless, maybe the greatest highlight is a play on a McDonald’s McMuffin.

    McMuffin varieties are regarded as the pinnacle of breakfast sandwich excellence. Here, the aptly-named Egg MeatMuffin is a high-quality take on the fast-food icon, with all the same ingredients that make the McMuffin so crave-worthy, but with a more refined approach. The $10 MeatMuffin is comprised of a somewhat spicy Szechaun-seasoned bun, eggs smeared in melted cheddar, your choice of ham or bacon (found locally and butchered in-house, of course), and a creamy spread of garlic aioli.

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