'1923' Just Dropped Major Season 2 News and Fans Have A Lot of Feelings

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When season 1 of 1923 ended, viewers are eager to see Spencer in Montana.

As promised, the Yellowstone prequel follows the Dutton family's Great Depression ranch struggle.

Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren star, and Brandon Sklenar and Julia Schlaepfer play Spencer and Alex.

The series' future intrigues us. 1883's heartbreaking 10-episode run stunned fans.

Another spinoff, 1883: The Bass Reeves Story, starring David Oyelowo and Dennis Quaid, is in the works, but the Yellowstone universe with Faith Hill and Tim McGraw ended after one season.

The show's official Instagram account informed fans. Fans left comments like "YESSSSSSSS! Terrific news about a terrific show!

Great show! "Excited for season 1!" "Why didn't 1883 have 2 seasons!! "Much better!"

The Wall Street Journal reports that 1923 will film a second season this spring. Money.

The show, created in 10 months in Montana and three African countries, was expensive, so spreading the expenditures across multiple episodes makes financial sense.

According to the Wall Street Journal, "1923" cost up to $22 million per episode on Paramount+.

Producers opted mid-shoot in October to make more "1923" to reduce costs and nearly double their material.

This spring, a second set of eight $17 million episodes will be shot.

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