3 Zodiac Signs Are Most Likely to Get Pregnant

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Dear bulls, embrace hope and the unknown! This year, Uranus and Jupiter will dance with your Sun.

Tauruses are stubborn. If having a baby is your aim, this may be a good time to embrace change

Move forward, and face a new challenge.


In 2023, the passionate scorpion reveals water signs like Scorpios are the most fertile.

Jupiter brings luck and expansion to your fifth house of creation. You may be "expecting" from your romantic interactions.

Selfless Neptune in your fifth house dissolves your ego and reveals your nurturing, paternal side.


Sea-goats, unleash the bizarre! . Our friend Jupiter is there to provide you luck and let you be yourself.

In a committed relationship, you will discover new pieces of each other and try new things.

Capricorns are usually status quo, yet playing like a child may help you become the parent you want.

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