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5 Signs Your Partner Is Jealous of You

If your partner's appearance changes, they may feel bad about themselves.

1.They try to undermine the relationship

As a result, they may feel undeserving of a friendship or of you and wonder why you want to be their partner.

They try to undermine the relationship

Your partner should encourage and inspire you, rather than bring you down.

2. They downplay your successes

A good partner in a relationship will be your biggest cheerleader and support you in all your endeavors.

They downplay your successes

if your spouse is being nice to you but you get the impression that they are being sneaky about it, they may be trying to tell you that they are envious.

3. They make different

Although they might say all the correct things, the compliments can appear beyond the top, fake, and sarcastic.

They make different

A scene of two women having breakfast at home while one of them talks on her phone.

4. They disrespect boundaries

your partner is feeling envious or intimidated is if they aren't honoring the boundaries you've established in the relationship.

They disrespect boundaries

 your partner's sudden anger or irritation at items that previously caused them no difficulty is another telltale symptom of jealousy.

5. They're bothered by little things

you've done something as innocuous as neglect to replace the toothpaste cap, you should pay heed.

They're bothered by little things

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