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5 Times You Can Lie to Your Partner

Your significant other does not have a right to know everything that is going on in your private life,

1. When you need privacy

and there are times when it is appropriate to keep certain matters to yourself.

When you need privacy

You should strike a balance between telling the truth and being courteous so as not to hurt your partner's feelings or lose their trust.

2. When you might hurt their feelings

Next, learn the six phrases a therapist says should never ever ever be spoken to a partner.

When you might hurt their feelings

it may be necessary to tell a lie of omission to protect their feelings.

3. When you're protecting them

If you are only speaking to protect yourself, the lie could be more serious or harmful than you realize.

When you're protecting them

Perhaps a friend confided in you and swore you to secrecy that her spouse had an affair.

4. When you're maintaining confidentiality

In these situations, you may be compelled to lie to your companion in order to protect the other person's privacy.

When you're maintaining confidentiality

A secret regarding a thrilling gift or an unforeseen party is also acceptable.

5. When you're planning a surprise

yourself how you would feel if your partner lied to you about the same situation if you are unsure about whether or not you should lie to your partner.

When you're planning a surprise

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