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Actual Genius Zodiac Signs

1. Aquarius 

Your worldview is unique. You're a great problem solver because of your insight and creativity.


You're quite open-minded and will embrace anyone who doesn't offend you.

2. Virgo 

Your fun is cerebral and detailed. Friday night is spent reading or doing a difficult word problem to improve your brainpower.


You don't brag about your intelligence. Instead, you live humbly and eagerly pursue the broader picture.

3. Capricorn 

Like Virgos, you live by statistics and facts. By removing emotion from your decisions.


This focused attention to detail allows you to recognize probable outcomes and threats that others will miss, preparing you for the future.

4. Scorpio 

You use all your senses to improve your reality. 


Despite your lack of "genius" attributes, your clear perception puts you ahead.

5. Gemini 

Most people associate Gemini with the social butterfly who can talk to everyone.


Socialization is a terrific talent, but it won't help you achieve your life goals.

6.  Pisces

Many think you're the one with your head in the clouds, unwilling to accept reality.


You adore painting, music, and dance and are very creative. 

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