America's Most Popular Cats

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Munchkins are curious, love shiny things, and can perch like prairie dogs.

African serval

African servals are hardly popular pets despite their aristocratic appearance and exquisite colours


The Birman, initially recognised by French registries in 1925, is a pleasant, laid-back cat perfect for first-time owners.

Turkish angora

They are sensitive to their surroundings, and rapid changes can disrupt their pleasant nature.


One of the most loving, lively, and easygoing breeds, they have lovely blue eyes.

Cheetoh cat

Cheetoh cats weigh 15–25 pounds. Their size and desire for attention make them perfect for large households.

Napoleon cat

Napoleons are rare and expensive. Bring one home with a $1,000–$3,000 budget.

Russian blue

Royals like the Russian blue's velvety, silvery-blue coat. They're said to be Russian czars' pets.


These are supposed to be Egyptian Pharaohs' sacred "cats from the Blue Nile.

Maine coon

This breed loves water and can survive harsh weather. They come in 75 colors and are huge, muscular, and athletic.

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