Apologies by Zodiac Sign 

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1. Aries

They will give you an explanation for their behaviour and help you see things from their perspective.

2. Taurus

To avoid hurting you again, they will make an honest attempt to alter their behaviour.

3. Gemini

They will kiss you nonstop and start up the makeup.

4. Cancer

They'll cry and beg you to forget what they did.

5. Leo

Flowers, chocolates, and jewellery will be presented as tokens of apology.

6. Virgo

They will take blame, admit fault, and vow never to repeat the behaviour.

7. Libra

They'll take you on a romantic date as compensation for your ordeal.

8. Scorpio

They'll make time for you before everything else in their lives.

9. Sagittarius

They'll feel terrible about what they did, blame themselves, and beg for your forgiveness.

10. Capricorn

They'll have a lengthy discussion with you until the issue is resolved.

11. Aquarius

They will make direct eye contact and offer a sincere apology.

12. Pisces

As an act of contrition, they will prepare your preferred dish for you.

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