Are You A Cusp Zodiac Sign

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1. Aries-Taurus

You're the strongest. You inherit both zodiac signs' virtues. 

2. Taurus-Gemini

Your energy is unmatched. You're the world's most energetic person. 

3. Gemini-Cancer

You excel at everything. Your group loves you for your kindness. 

4. Cancer-Leo

Love and frustration alternate. All that emotional-practical drama makes life decisions impossible. 

5. Leo-Virgo

Your cusp sign is Leo-Virgo, two opposed signs. 

6. Virgo-Libra

You see the best in everything. You notice everything good. 

7. Libra-Scorpio

Your cusp zodiac sign drives people crazy. 

8. Scorpio-Sagittarius

They're fearless. They're hilarious. Unconventional and non-judgmental.

9. Sagittarius-Capricorn

You excel. Every objective has a plan and two backups.

10. Capricorn-Aquarius

You're undecided between extroverted and conventional.

11. Aquarius-Pisces

You smarter? You care and create. A winning combination. 

12. Pisces-Aries

You balance dreams and realities better than any other cusp sign.

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