Aunt Characteristics by Zodiac Sign 

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1. Aries

You'll be the aunt they can confide in about anything from crushes to wild nights out.

2. Taurus

You'll be the aunt that grownups look down on for playing childish games with the kids in the garden.

3. Gemini

You'll be the aunt who fumbles through a bad word in front of the kids but becomes closer to them as they get older.

4. Cancer

You'll be known as the aunt who never fails to come up with gifts for the nieces and nephews.

5. Leo

You'll be the aunt who never misses a ceremony or performance.

6. Virgo

Your shared interest in media and literature will make you the go-to aunt for recs.

7. Libra

You will play the role of the aunt who dresses them and teaches children how to put on cosmetics.

8. Scorpio

You'll be the aunt that the kids always look to for exciting new experiences.

9. Sagittarius

You'll be that favourite aunt they only get to see once a year for the holidays.

10. Capricorn

You'll be like the cool aunt who always has time to help the kids out.

11. Aquarius

You'll be known as the aunt who always lets her nieces and nephews get away with everything.

12. Pisces

You'll become their favourite aunt and send them more messages than their own parents do.

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