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Best cat breed for your zodiac sign

This breed suits this sign's ram's passion, drive, wildness, and tenderness.

1. Aries 

Bengal cats are low-maintenance and fit Arians' hectic lifestyles.


Taureans love luxury and are earth signs. Venus represents love and worldly beauty.

2. Taurus 

They're also laid-back, which fits this materialistic sign.


Twins and Mercury represent Gemini. Air signs are kind, smart, and interested. 

3. Gemini 

Siamese cats are loud and talkative. This matches perfectly.


Persian cats are high-maintenance yet adorable, like Virgos.

4. Virgo 

They make great Persian cat parents.


Scorpios are insightful and misinterpreted as spiteful. 

5. Scorpio 

 Scorpios are insightful and misinterpreted as spiteful. 


This cat breed is friendly and adventurous. Sagittarius, the final fire sign, symbolizes an archer.

6. Sagittarius 

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