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 Best Fall Equinox For Zodiac Signs

Your solar exchange, the Fall Equinox, is when you realize your year's achievements.

1. Libra

Enjoy your rewards—you've worked hard for them. Build your self-confidence now.


Your current prizes aren't random or free! You worked hard to achieve each one—it shows! Use your current mood as motivation.


Scorpio, whereas Libra is succeeding everywhere, yours will be focused. 

2. Scorpio

However, the focus will resonate deeply with you. What could make you happier than love progress.


If you're married, things are going to get better! Appreciate everything. Consume it.


During the Fall Equinox, the moon is in Pisces, giving everything spiritual meaning.

3. Pisces

This will resonate deeply with a spiritual person like you. Prepare to see the thread that connects everything in life.


You'll see everything through rose-colored glasses during this period. 


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