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Body Part Most Connected To Your Zodiac Sign

Your animal, the Ram, battles using its head. You're impetuous and bold, acting before thinking. 

Aries Head and Eyes.

Taurus Neck and Shoulders.

You hold tension throughout your neck along with shoulders. 

Stretch, massage, it's or take a hot magnesium salt bath when they pain. Taurus, self-care. You embrace self-indulgence.

Taurus Neck and Shoulders.

Geminis, "the twins," rule the lungs, arms, and hands. Since you love speaking, you rule the respiratory system and hands.

GeminiArms, Lungs

Don't listen to negative ideas if you're apprehensive, especially when doing nothing. Just breathe.

Gemini Arms, Lungs

Cancers appreciate helping others. You hug and wish to keep your family near. 

Cancer Chest, Breasts

You put other people's needs before your own, thus take responsibility for yourself

Cancer Chest, Breasts

Naturally, Leo the Lion rules the heart and spine. Lover, you droop when hurt.

Leo Heart, Spine

Stomachaches occur when Virgo, a particularly worried sign, is agitated.

Virgo Digestive System

You rule the skin, which Venus, the planet of beauty, rules Libra. 

Libra Kidneys, Lower Back

When you're unbalanced and have a renal flare-up, worried rash, or lower back ache. 

Libra Kidneys, Lower

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