Each Zodiac Husband Is Perfect Because

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1. Aries

Even after you've been together for a while and are well over the "newlywed" period, he will still take you on romantic getaways.

2. Taurus

He will monitor your emotional state and pick up on little shifts to know when anything is awry.

3. Gemini

He will be your best advocate and cheerleader while you pursue your highest ambitions.

4. Cancer

You won't have to do all the housework alone since he'll chip in with cooking, cleaning, and anything else that needs doing.

5. Leo

Even at your lowest moments, he will be able to make you laugh.

6. Virgo

When you need someone to talk to, he'll be there for you and won't pass judgement.

7. Libra

He'll treat you like royalty and boast about you throughout all of his networks.

8. Scorpio

He'll be faithful to you and always make your feel like the most stunning woman in the world.

9. Sagittarius

He maintains a sunny disposition even when circumstances are less than ideal and may teach you to do the same.

10. Capricorn

He'll go to great lengths to provide for you, and he won't stop until you're completely satisfied.

11. Aquarius

The thoughtful and artistic poems and melodies he composes for you will come as a complete and utter surprise.

12. Pisces

He will urge you to share your innermost thoughts and feelings, and he will listen attentively as you do so.

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