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Each Zodiac Sign Complements Pisces

Good match. Pisces' best Astrology match is Taurus. The give-and-take makes this connection work.

1. Pisces + Taurus

Pisces and Gemini have instant chemistry, whether they become passionate is another matter. 

2. Pisces + Gemini 

Pisces and Cancer feel like soulmates from many lifetimes.

3. Pisces + Cancer

Yet everything is possible. Leo and Pisces are either attracted or repelled.

4. Pisces + Leo

 These two opposite mutable signs have a strong connection.

5. Pisces + Virgo

Pisces-Libra is dangerous. They share more than other water and air type couples.

6. Pisces + Libra

Scorpio and Pisces commonly marry. Scorpio's emotional energy and dominance attract Pisces.

7. Pisces + Scorpio

This couple enjoys traveling, vacationing, and being alone. They're lively and lighthearted.

8. Pisces + Sagittarius

Pisces and Capricorn make an excellent fit and often stay together. Capricorn gives Pisces stability and loyalty.

9. Pisces + Capricorn

 Both adore distinctive items and live unconventionally. They enjoy each other's perspectives and styles. 

10. Pisces + Aquarius

 If these two have learnt a lot about adoration and possess a good self-image.

11. Pisces + Pisces

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