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Evil Zodiac Signs Ranked

The trophy for the nastiest zodiac sign goes without question to Scorpio!


Leo enjoys being the center of attention and will do anything to maintain it.


Virgo may appear lovely and innocent on the surface, but they are likely hatching a variety of devious schemes.


Aries is certainly aggressive, but this zodiac sign also delights in plotting their opponents' demise.


Taurus is not a horoscope sign that is easily offended and has a difficult time forgiving and moving on.


Capricorn is a clever sign that always chooses their battles carefully; their intelligence allows them to outsmart everyone.


Whenever an Aquarius feels threatened or stressed, their evil side tends to emerge and chaos ensues.


Being one of the most communicative zodiac signs, Gemini genuinely enjoys being in the company of others.


Cancer does not rank higher in astrology. Cancer is a lover, not a fighter, and flees conflict and drama at the first available chance.


As the zodiac's most humorous sign, Sagittarius is too busy cracking jokes to focus on bad things like as world dominance.


Pisces is one of the kindest zodiac signs, and they will never respond adversely no matter how many times their feelings are damaged.


Libra is too good for their own good, which means they are incapable of becoming bad.


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