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Hardest Life Zodiac Sign Ranked

Cancer and Virgo are tied for first place. These extremely emotional and sensitive signs love their lovers so intensely that it is frightening.


These zodiac signs let their emotions govern them, and you know what happens when emotions are in charge.

Virgos, our next zodiac sign, are tied in rank with Cancers for their tough existence.


You may be familiar with the term "perfectionists," which best describes this zodiac sign.

Libras make life more difficult for themselves due to this one characteristic


But this is not the only reason they rank third after Cancer and Virgo.

Due to their similarity to Virgo in being diligent workers, Capricorns confront challenging circumstances throughout life.


Yet, unlike Virgos, Capricorns have a more limited perspective and frequently believe that tasks can only be completed by oneself.

The two main causes of a Sagittarian's difficult existence are clinging to the past and wanting the experience.


Sagittarius enjoys traveling and abhors staying in one area for too long.

Their routines are revitalized and energized by frequent little excursions. It causes neglect of other aspects of life.

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