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Harvest Moon Zodiac Signs' Darkest Traits

Harvest moons make you indecisive. Decisions will be difficult while addressing problems and going forward.

1. Gemini

Harvest moons bring out insecurity. You will think everyone is against you. 

2. Cancer

Harvest moons make you haughty. Despite your customary jerkiness, things will get worse. 

3. Leo

Overworkers will emerge during this harvest moon. 

4. Virgo

Harvest moons bring out your self-pity. People are sick of this.

5. Libra

This harvest moon will make you envy. You'll compare what others have to what you don't.

6. Scorpio

Harvest moons make you impatient. You'll lose control this time. You may act out and injure loved ones. 

7. Sagittarius

Prepare for the worst. However, it's pointless. No harm will come.

8. Capricorn

You'll hide from this full moon's emotions. They will find you.

9. Aquarius

You'll isolate yourself and deal with your feelings alone. You need support.

10. Pisces

Harvest moons make you melancholy. You'll attack and jump on everyone. 

11. Aries

This harvest moon will reveal your stubbornness. 

12. Taurus

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