How Each Zodiac Sign Can Improve

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1. Aries

Don't feel bad if you need to take a break from these relationships. 

2. Taurus

Eclipse season has tested you, and Scorpio season has focused you on relationships.

3. Gemini

Occasionally we need to persevere, but sometimes we need to let go. 

4. Cancer

You split yourself evenly across romantic, platonic, and familial affection.

5. Leo 

November starts you off at home, where you may recharge and think about your duties and past. 

6. Virgo

Despite your wishes, you are unable to regulate everything.

7. Libra

You must accept that those persons and moments will be memories. 

8. Scorpio

You're used to being independent, but this month feels like a whirlwind.

9. Sagittarius

If you're not hurting others or yourself, do what's best for you.

10. Capricorn

It's hard to keep in mind, but you don't have to exhaust yourself. 

11. Aquarius

You value friendships despite your "loner" reputation. 

12. Pisces

Growth requires broadening your perspectives. Learning might be exhausting in November. 

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