How Each Zodiac Sign Opens

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1. Aries

Wait till the crowd disperses to find out what Aries actually believe.

2. Taurus

Tauruses never talk shop with non-tradespeople, including about themselves. You must demonstrate expertise in their field. 

3. Gemini

Geminis are always active. Texting for a few days won't get you to know them. 

4. Cancer

hat's how you open Cancer. No rewind or subtitles, so you must follow the breadcrumbs.

5. Leo

Leos require an audience, no jokes. They may first experience stage fright, but all they want is to be heard.

6. Virgo

Tough love is their knowledge. You can break through their mystique by poking fun at their self-importance. 

7. Libra

You must display sophisticated, emotional, and intellectual reasoning.

8. Scorpio

It will take time and persistence, but you must prove your honesty to a Scorpio to encourage them to open up.

9. Sagittarius

Sagittarius appreciate spending time with shy or quiet partygoers. They can host an interview. 

10. Capricorn

Capricorns must know you're not the office talk. Do not gossip about them when they tell you something juicy. 

11. Aquarius

Knowing everything concerning an Aquarius is natural. They fascinate. Letting them do their thing cracks that nut. 

12. Pisces

They don't share their views since they think most people don't understand their mental universe. 

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