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How to Attract a Virgo Female

Slowly reveal the Virgo woman. Before anything romantic, she must know and trust you.

Be friends with her first

Don't mistake Virgo females' reticence for disinterest. Virgos are too shy and conventional to initiate a relationship, so you must.

Make the first move

Virgo women prefer romantic terms like "beautiful" or "pretty" to "hot." Kindly treat her.

Be nice and lovable toward her.

It's crucial to understand a Virgo's feelings as you have to free her. Sitting next to her, stare into her eyes.

Read her eyes

Virgo women prefer well-dressed partners. She's a perfectionist, therefore you must be too.

Dress snappy

Cleanliness is as important as fashion! Virgo needs a spouse who's meticulously clean—ears, fingernails, nose, everything. Good-smelling, too.

Have good hygiene

She's always nitpicking, including herself. She needs a rock. This will prevent her from letting you go.

Help her worry less

She observes your back-wrinkled shirt. She notices unorganized spice cabinets. Though not a dealbreaker, she'll think about it.

Deal with her perfectionism

She'll smile outside. Picnic or hike with her. Paddleboat on a lake. She doesn't worry about the weather or her hair.

Get her in nature

Virgo won't date you if you wake a woman up in the morning. Show her you're honest, and trustworthy.

Be faithful to her

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