How Zodiac Relationships End 

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1. Aries

Since you are a passionate person, it stands to reason that your relationships would begin intensely and end intensely as well.

2. Taurus

Whenever a relationship comes to an end, you cry because you can't bear to say goodbye to the person who made such a profound impact on your life. 

3. Gemini

When you fall for someone, it's intense, and when they do something you can't stand, you lose interest just as quickly.

4. Cancer

Because you think every love is the real one, an individual you'll stay with forever, most of your connections end in disappointment.

5. Leo

You have a hard time saying goodbye to a relationship and accepting that it is ended, which usually leads to an argument.

6. Virgo

You're both mature and courteous enough to have difficult talks without resorting to name-calling or blame games.

7. Libra

You usually reach a point in your partnerships where you both realise you're better off on your own.

8. Scorpio

Your tendency to harbour anger and refuse to forgive foul treatment means that most of your relationships end in bitterness.

9. Sagittarius

Because of your perpetual optimism, you are always taken by surprise when a connection between you and someone ends.

10. Capricorn

You never find out why they split off their relationship with you or why they weren't treating you well, so interactions usually end in questions.

11. Aquarius

You usually leave relationships with enthusiasm because you know it's for the best and you'll be happy than ever once your heart heals.

12. Pisces

Most of the people you date wind up becoming friends because you can't bear to cut ties with someone who has been there for you through thick and thin.

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