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Laziest Zodiac Signs Ranked

Consistent job slightly interferes with the primary concern of any Sagittarius, which is to feel in charge of their time and independence.


Aquarius is a very intellectual and curious zodiac sign, they are not always prepared to conduct work.


The focus of a Taurus is comfort, and little can move them from this position.


Leo is not a sign that strives to live an average life; rather, they desire to be the leader and focus of attention.


Pisces desires to be more active and determined, but their circumstances are too chaotic for them to remain focused.


Cancer is a difficult sign to place on our list, as it's difficult to determine if their sluggish and steady work ethic is due to laziness.


Libras will put up their maximum effort in all of their endeavors. 


Comparable to Virgo in terms of productivity and work ethic, Capricorns are among the least slothful individuals you will meet.


Aries do not require a motivating speech to get them moving; in fact, they are the ones that motivate others.


They are typically highly motivated and determined individuals who excel at all they set their minds to.


Gemini stands on the verge of laziness among the zodiac signs. As the zodiac's most inquisitive and outspoken sign.


This zodiac sign is never satisfied with things being satisfactory or even decent everything they do must be flawless.


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