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  Long-Term Relationships Strength Zodiac Sign

You inspire. You inspire your mate. You encourage them to follow their aspirations because you know they can.

1. Aries

You wait. Never rush, stress, or aggravate your partner. You give them space and time to breathe.

2. Taurus

You appreciate. Your partner's kindness is always appreciated. You validate their effort.

3. Gemini

Actively listen. You listen and validate your partner.

4. Cancer

You think. To show real interest in your spouse, you check in and offer follow-up questions.

5. Leo

You observe. You're always aware of your partner's needs and fix them.

6. Virgo

You love. You hold hands in accessible to everyone, on the couch, and in the car.

7. Libra

You’re funny. Your lover laughs when upset. You constantly cheer them up.

8. Scorpio

You’re excited. To avoid confusion, you tell your partner how thrilled you are to see them.

9. Sagittarius

You remember everything your spouse says and buy the nicest birthday gifts.

10. Capricorn

You're expressive. You say those three small words often and complement .

11. Aquarius

You’re reliable. They is able to contact you, pick them up, or vent to you. Never abandon them.

12. Pisces

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