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Most Annoying Zodiac Signs Ranked

Leos firmly believe in their royal status and expect everyone to treat them as such.


Their insatiable desire to be the center of attention can be extremely irritating.

Leos are the type of individuals that will attend a birthday celebration that is not their own and expect to be the center of attention.

We recognize that it is odd that Cancer made our list, and we appreciate your concerns.


Nonetheless, the fact that they are emotional and sensitive makes it extremely difficult for them to be despised.

If you have a boss who is continually nagging you about the smallest of details or a friend who is preoccupied with being specific, then they are likely Virgos.


If you spend enough time with a Virgo, you will see how overwhelming they can be.

Their impulsiveness and arrogance can be really irritating at times. Aries desires that everything always go their way, regardless of what others think.


Aries are usually eager to take the initiative; they dislike being told what to do. They must have authority.

Scorpios are elusive and shrouded in mystery. You can never truly comprehend a Scorpio because they do not wish for you to.


They have a reputation for keeping secrets, even from their closest friends.

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