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Most Dramatical Zodiac Sign

Leo would win the zodiac sign with the most style. The globe is their stage.


They must be seen even when walking through the grocery store. Leo can't tell excitement from emotion.

Because Cancer is one of the most sensitive zodiac signs, they don't take drama, confrontation, or criticism well. 

2. Cancer 

Cancer's gentleness clashes with stress. A Cancer woman's tenacity can turn into unhealthy competitiveness. 

This zodiac's people are fiery and confident. If you anger her, they could become violent and angry.


The scorpion's reputation is bad. Although most Scorpios are excellent, some are evil.

They like to talk and are positive. If things don't go their way, they speak it out. 


Sagittarius' upbeat outlook makes her dramatic actions unlikely to be interpreted negatively. 

Aquarius seems laid-back and unconcerned about others' sentiments.


The more she attempts to act indifferent, the more obvious her deception becomes.

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