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Most Erratic Zodiac Sign

Aries is not the type to sit on the sidelines and watch life go by  they are notoriously impulsive and passionate. 

1. Aries

They insist on doing things independently of others and rarely consider alternative viewpoints.


The lunar influence simply serves to increase the emotional instability of these persons.

2. Cancer

Those affected with this condition often experience sudden and unexpected outbursts of emotion. 


Being a water sign, they experience emotions very deeply.

3. Scorpio

when these powerful emotions take over, it can be difficult for them to maintain self-control.


They are always considering the benefits and drawbacks of various options

4. Libra

You'll both end up frustrated after going in circles with them.


 Sagittarius would rather go their own way than follow anyone else's instructions. 

5. Sagittarius

These fire signs are notoriously independent and will stop at nothing to get what they desire. 


Geminis have a hard time slowing down since their minds are constantly racing with ideas. 

6. Gemini

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