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Most Faithful Zodiac Sign Ranked

A Cancer will always be a loyal and devoted individual. It will take some time for them to fully develop trust in you.


Leos cannot succeed in relationships due to their egocentric character. They are haughty and perhaps overconfident.


They fear partnerships so much because they do not like to consider themselves as vulnerable beings.


Aquarius individuals are not sociable beings, therefore you should not expect them to be keen to maintain multiple relationships.


A Taurus will be an extremely clingy companion, therefore you can bet that they will probably never cheat on you.


Due to their high standards, they become easily bored in relationships, therefore there is a potential they will seek fulfillment elsewhere.


Aries are notoriously fast to become bored. Keep in mind that they want a highly fast-paced lifestyle.


You are likely well aware that Libra has a tendency to overthink. Libras are regarded as the ideal long-term companions.


Scorpios are extremely ambitious and unafraid to pursue their goals, even if they are unattainable.


Since the Pisces is a social butterfly, it would not be a complete surprise if they cheated in their relationships.


Sagittarius has a reputation for being unreliable. Thus it should come as no surprise that they are quite low on this ranking.


Gemini is the zodiac sign most prone to cheat, relative to all others. Their personalities are extremely volatile and dynamic.


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