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Most Guarded Zodiac Signs

Cancer is one of the most protected zodiac signs. Cancer the crab has a hard shell and a soft interior and trusts people closest to them.


Cancers are nurturing, so asking for a favor may not be a danger.

Earth sign Virgos are perfectionists. They may believe If you want anything done well, you might as well do it yourself, especially at work.


Virgos or asking for their counsel. Virgos adore helping and being correct.

If their advise benefited you, Virgo will respect that and be less protective about you.

Scorpio may be the most guarded zodiac sign. Pluto rules Scorpio.


Scorpios may imagine others sharing their dark views. Prove your dedication to Scorpio first to appeal to their loyal nature.

Like Virgo, Capricorns struggle to ask for aid. Capricorns are driven and self-sufficient.


They don't dislike aid, but they don't trust others to help. Show a Capricorn how you may help them to relax.

Aquarius is friendly and talkative. They're naturally friendly. Yet, love relationships can be quite guarded.


Aquarius values independence over relationships. Relationships can suffocate them.

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