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Most Judgmental Zodiac Signs


Leos are zodiac royalty since the lion is the lord of the jungle. They adore being in the spotlight

They're ambitious like all fire signs. Leos may criticise others to mask their own vulnerabilities.


Virgo is often described as the most judgemental sign by astrologers. Virgo, the zodiac's most critical sign.

They always have everything together making it easier for them to judge others that don't.

Hence, they can appear judgmental. They're sharp because Mercury rules them.


Capricorns are solemn, guarded, and imposing since Saturn rules them.

Sea goats are hard to read because they hide their feelings. You can't tell what they're thinking from their expression.

Capricorns are "extremely choosy" in friendship and love. This causes them to assess people before getting close.

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