Most Overthinkers Zodiac Signs

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They prefer their pace. They appreciate being confident in everything.

They must examine each issue and result. They're critical, so they think about everything they say and do before saying it.


They're nettled and can't stop panicking. They require special care.

Having two heads, they usually get involved in decision-making. They overthink because, truthfully, they have two heads!


Capricorns are the most overthinkers because they like everything organized.

They also want a backup in case things go wrong. When they see the whole picture, they can feel overwhelmed.


Overthinking wastes time, but you do it repeatedly. They overthink choices.

They're smart but think they can just jump without thinking.


Scorpios overthink but still act. Unfortunately, they still overthink.

They obsess with people. Even if that individual isn't in their life, they'll obsess about them all day and make up scenarios.

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