Most Possessive Zodiac Signs

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1. Taurus

Tauruses like steadiness in life and relationships. Tauruses become possessive when they perceive relationship troubles.


They'll show their lover and friends love till they're more confident.


Taurus, you're possessive because you require security, thus you're territorial with partners.

2. Scorpio

Scorpios are passionate and willing to offer their all if they're reciprocated.


If there's any doubt, this cunning zodiac sign will do whatever to keep their partner's attention.


Scorpios are suspicious and envious because they fear abandonment and betrayal.

3. Leo

Leos are distant with most people, but intimate friends are different.


Leos are proud and believe their presence should dispel any misgivings.

4. Cancer

Cancers are possessive, but they don't show it. They closely monitor and lavish attention on them to prevent their lover from leaving.


You're possessive despite excellent intentions. You're so attached that your loved ones can't breathe.

5. Aries

Aries do everything with courage, determination, and enthusiasm.


This means tremendous caring and self-sacrifice in relationships, although occasionally this fire sign confuses devotion and possession.

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