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 Most Stubborn Zodiac Signs Ranked

Taurus is the stubbornest sign. They can't take orders and must make all decisions.


Capricorn hates last-minute alterations. People feel annoyed when they have to drop things last minute.


Aquarians realize they are smart. As a result, they have egos and trust their own judgment over others.


Aries are combative and detest losing. They will argue a point to "win" even if they recognize they are wrong.


Scorpios appear tough yet are insecure. They regulate everything to manage their insecurity.


Virgo also enjoys control. They are perfectionists who realize they must pull strings to acquire what they desire.


Leo is skilled at taking it. They are experts at keeping appearances and turning new conditions to their advantage.


Sagittarius also likes to make decisions, but only for themselves.


Cancer will sacrifice for others, but they are good at masking their displeasure.


Libras describe themselves socially. They also conform to group leaders' preferences.


Pisces is the most compassionate Zodiac sign. They can understand and experience others' perspectives.


Gemini adapts best. They frequently remake themselves based on their current interests.


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