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Most to Least Bad Zodiac Signs


Capricorn is the worst zodiac sign. These locals seem aloof and sulky. They are cruel and calculative.

These indigenous often play the victim in adverse situations, which is bad. Despite the odds, this sign is one of the strongest Zodiac signs.


Geminis, the worst sign, are shallow. These locals may pose the greatest threat to water signs.

Geminis are talkative yet don't share their personal lives. They won't listen to your anguish since they don't like long conversations.


Aquarius residents are slightly psychopathic, according to several studies.

These locals can become love-insensitive un relationships. They'll flee at any time. This is the worst female Zodiac sign for dating.


Tauruses are stubborn, making them one of the worst Zodiac signs. Their intransigence prevents anyone from distracting them from their passions.

Avoid these locals. If you can't handle your bad tendencies, astrologers can recommend gemstones or other remedies.


Scorpios are the cruelest Zodiac sign. These vicious natives think their fury is measured, but it is not.

Scorpios are venomous critters that can sting at will. They're devious. Their cunning may stealthily kill anyone.

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