Power Color of Each Zodiac Signs

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Red: Aries

Red empowers Aries. It symbolizes confidence, courage, and ambition qualities this zodiac sign has in plenty. Aries, the first zodiac sign.

Taurus: Green

Taurus's features and attributes are reflected in green. Green represents stability and equilibrium.

Gemini: Yellow

Geminis have yellow power. Joy, optimism, and communication are its colors. Like Geminis, it's a vibrant, positive color.

Silver: Cancer

Cancers love silver. It's a soothing color that embodies this zodiac sign. Cancers are sensitive, intuitive, and strong like silver.

Leo: Gold

Gold empowers Leos. It exudes royalty, confidence, and ambition. These are traits of this zodiac sign.

Brown: Virgo

Virgo's power color is brown, representing natural beauty, solidity, and reliability. Brown calms and energizes Virgos. 

Pink: Libras

Pink is the color of love, so what better power color for Libras, the most loving zodiac sign.

Scorpio: Black

Scorpios have black power. Its dark color reflects this zodiac sign's fire and strength. Scorpios, the most secretive zodiac sign, are highly private. 

Sagittarius: Purple

Sagittarius' power color is purple, which symbolizes creativity and freedom. These free-thinkers seek new adventures. 

Gray: Capricorns

Gray powers Capricorns. Gray's refinement and organization match this zodiac sign's ambition and hard work.

Blue: Aquarius

Aquarius powers are blue. It exemplifies their intelligence, communication, and freedom. Aquariuses are independent.

Pisces: Green

Pisces powers light green. This color suits this zodiac sign's kind, compassionate, and sensitive personality.

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