Sarcastic Jokesters Of The Zodiac

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Geminis love smart dialogue. They're quick-thinking since they rule the third house.

Their incredibly hilarious and dry humor can instantly delight even the most serious types.


Scorpios' harsh statements reveal their true feelings. Their caustic humor balances cynicism and wit, and they're known for forbidden topics.

They're ruled by Pluto, they have an intuitive knack to connect with what people are genuinely feeling.


Sagittarius is brilliant and quick with witty remarks. They satirize everything—including themselves—with a wicked sense of humor.

Sagittarius Taylor Swift self-deprecates. Only a Sagittarius could make public criticism a platinum hit.

Sunday believes sarcasm is best for Jupiter-ruled fiery folks. “They'll say funny stuff no one else will!”


Capricorn's coolness is deceptive. These know-it-alls can use complex wordplay and nasty remarks.

They're Saturn-ruled, so while you might not call them amusing, they have a peculiar way of getting their point over while tying in some highbrow humor.

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