Stressed Zodiac Signs on Vacation

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Plan first. Packing follows. Driving follows. Airport parking is an issue. Then, the terminal waiting. Flight delays happen.

Then the overcrowded flight. The baggage carousel delay follows. Car rental follows. Drive again. Hotel registration follows.


Obsessive and thorough, Virgos In your once-in-a-lifetime journey to Rome, you must see everything.

If you missed to glance up at Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel masterpiece on the way home, you'd never forgive yourself. .


Similarly to Virgos, Sags find holidays to be extremely stressful, but for the exact opposite reason.

They become bored and nervous because all they did was rent a motel room in a different city for a week. All hotel rooms are identical in appearance.


It is easy to be overly responsible, and this is never more apparent than when the Ram attempts to take a vacation and escape the daily grind.

You are so concerned about the amount of work that will accumulate while you are on vacation that you bring your laptop and phone along.

Certainly, there are gorgeous mountains outside the cabin. Yep, that is a sizable hot tub with jets so potent that they would render your tired muscles as limp as boiled noodles.

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