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Talking Stage Zodiac Sign

You are attentive and enthusiastic while chatting. You're impatient too.

1. Aries

You're too restless for gradual dating. You want to be upfront and know whether this is worth it.


You acclimate slowly to new romantic partners. 

2. Taurus

You must 100% trust and envisage a future with this individual. You're patient and don't rush conversation.


Many wonder. You adore conversing, but you become bored fast. 

3. Gemini

You're so flirtatious and flighty that it's hard to know whether you like someone.


You'll be passionate, sensuous, and caring one minute and frigid the next.

4. Cancer

You do this because you enjoy love but fear being harmed again.


You'll tell someone you like them. Yet, you're being subtle.

5. Leo

You're in when you say so. You're loyal and wish to speak to them solely.


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