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Tarot Predicts Zodiac Expectations

if you act. Your inherent leadership talents may help you achieve your financial goals.

1. Aries

The inherent charisma of the aforementioned card may lead you to ask someone out. 

2. Taurus

Strength is earned. Patience and courage are needed to be emotionally and character strong.

3. Cancer

Your inner dialog will oppose you this week, regardless of your good fortune.

4. Leo

Innocence, not ignorance, is the Fool. Every trip starts with an unknown road. this week.

5. Virgo

Adventure awaits this week. The experience might be anything unique. 

6. Libra

Now is not the time to waste or act rashly. Instead, be cautious and examine every purchase.

7. Scorpio

After this, follow your feelings and emotions rather than your logical head.

8. Sagittarius

You'll work hard and refine your daily schedule this week.

9. Capricorn

It might be a new thought or the truth. You'll benefit whatever.

10. Aquarius

This week will make you rebellious and defensive. You love drama.

11. Pisces

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