The 4 Luckiest Zodiac Signs

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Venus, the planet of love, health, and luck, rules Libras. Libras may not be wealthy, but love and health make them richer than billionaires.

Love and health attract money. Libras, symbolised by the "scales," are frequently seen as fair-minded.


Sagittarians shouldn't overeat, drink, smoke, and neglect exercise since they're blessed enough to have the stars treat their self-inflicted maladies.

No one is that lucky, and the benign and all-knowing stars who regulate our life won't provide that many miracles to people who don't recognize their good fortune.


Leos are fire signs ruled by the sun, which was their natal luck. They decide.

People use these traits to achieve success and overcome setbacks.


Venus rules Taurus, too. They love romantic fulfillment and physical health more than any other sign.

Libras are earth signs and sensible, so they won't allow their luck to get to them. As with Libra, money doesn't always come to them.

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