The Bravest Zodiac Sign

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Capricorns are duty-bound and driven to finish their to-do list. 

She argues Saturn-ruled people are braver because they feel accountable or ethically compelled to act.


Libras are shy and people-pleasers, so they may not look brave. 

As they find themselves, air signs get braver. After that, they'll confidently pursue their own demands and fight injustice.


Leos, controlled by the sun, shine in any situation. They show their actual self and don't care what others think.

Fire signs are confident and know they'll let their large personalities out regardless of what others think.


Scorpios are sneaky, but they'll defend themselves or loved ones rapidly.

 These earth signs, ruled by Mars and Pluto, are strong and know their boundaries.


Sagittarius, the zodiac's explorers, seek new adventures. Like skydiving or shark-swimming, their bravery is self-centered.

Fire signs are wise and will always take a chance. Sagittarius seeks risk.


Mars rules Aries, making them the fiercest sign. They naturally lead as the zodiac's first sign.

These folks can use bravery in many ways to survive.

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