The Calmest Zodiac Sign

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Taurus is calm. They are stubborn and lazy. 

They also thrive best in tranquil environments. 


Sagittarius, the zodiac's concluding fire sign, is curious, thirsty for knowledge, and seeks perspective. 

This makes them the most optimistic and easygoing zodiac sign.


Libra wants to please everyone. They're natural diplomats.

Venus, the planet of love and harmony, rules them.


Pisces is sensitive and tends to romanticize reality. 

Pisces carefully guards their comfort zone because they're sensitive.


Capricorns need attention and calmness to achieve their work goals.

They're serious and want stability when others are childish. As they age, Capricorns grow more relaxed and wise87.


Cancerians want loyalty and intuition from you. They're sensitive to others and themselves. 

 Cancer loves lounging in the shower or watching a movie on the couch.

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