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The Complete Guide To Mutable Signs

Cardinal signs, fixed signs, and changeable signs all have one representative from each element.

1. Gemini

 Gemini is a representation of air's adaptability and versatility.


The twins claim that their adaptability manifests itself in the way they talk and think. 


Virgos are excellent trainers because they are so skilled at assisting others in establishing routines.

2. Virgo

Virgos are continually looking for ways to expand upon what they already have.


 mutables, is all about doing things and, more specifically, getting other people to do things.

3. Sagittarius

 the most effective changeable sign for getting a stopped project back on track and going forward.


but they do have a can-do attitude that keeps things moving forward.


If Sagittarius is adept at unsticking undertakings, Pisces, as mutable water, can unstick people's emotions.

4. Pisces

Sometimes to their own detriment," the twins continue.


 They are often healers because they "really understand how to work with the energy of difficult.


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