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The Laziest Zodiac Sign

Leos are great salesmen because they are reliable in keeping their word. 

1. Leo

They enjoy taking on new challenges, but when the going gets tough, they bring in additional diligent signs to handle the routine tasks. 


Taureans value tranquil surroundings, therefore they'll go to great lengths to clean and organize their homes.

2. Taurus

However, they also enjoy taking it easy and viewing multiple episodes of their favorite Netflix shows at once. 


She reveals that when things get too stressful, they'll hide their bills away in a drawer.

3. Libra

Libras benefit from having an accountability partner.


Sagittarius would rather be doing nothing. When it comes to things like vacations and other forms of recreation.

4. Sagittarius

Sagittarius coworker is entertaining since they love to tell stories about their exciting travels, but they can't be counted on.


Creative types like painters and designers tend to be Pisces.

5. Pisces

Despite their enthusiasm for their goals, they have a hard time putting in the necessary effort and often put things off till the last minute.


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