The Laziest Zodiac Sign

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Aquarians are so introspective that they have problems pursuing other hobbies.

Aquarius is a highly curious and clever zodiac sign, but they don't always like monotonous activities.


Pisces are talented artists and designers. They're driven, yet they procrastinate and don't like hard labor.

If you're a Pisces' coworker, this can be frustrating. Expect several follow-ups on simple tasks. To see their art, they may enlist your help.


Sagittarius loves to party, so when they're not, they're idle. 

Sagittarius coworkers are amusing because they tell wild stories, but they're unreliable.


Libras "want everything to be pleasant and easy." She says they'll hide their debts because they're stressed.

Libra can still work hard. They work when they have energy. Libras work better when disciplined.


To obtain tranquility, Tauruses will work hard to clean and organize.


Party-loving Leos value fun over responsibility. Newman said Leo likes the spotlight but not the work.

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