The Most Egocentric Zodiac Sign

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Tauruses will not listen. These are the most stubborn and aggressive zodiac signs.

Empathetic but possessive, their self-centered activities exacerbate their egoism.


Sagittarius' thirst for independence drives them to keep moving in life

As their quest is most important, you'll need to keep up with them or they'll move on without you.


Scorpios are egocentric and dishonest. Scorpio doesn't want to be around smarter people.

Beware they won't allow anyone to thwart their ambitions.


Aries leads the zodiac as the first sign. "Yet that can get the best of them and leave Aries seeking love from others merely for existing.


This can be egotistical, reinforcing the Leo stereotype of needing to be the center of attention.

Leos' egos will turn people off. Marquardt advises Leos to shine "effortlessly, not violently.

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