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The Most Melodramatic Zodiac Sign

Leo, the egotistical, attention-seeking sign, is unquestionably the most dramatic. 

1. Leo

They enjoy the spotlight and are well-known for overacting in order to draw attention to themselves.


Aries are naturally dominant and enjoy taking the reins.

2. Aries

These Aries and Leos have a poor record for being overbearing and emotional.


Cancer is extremely resistive to change and will fight to the last end to get their way.

3. Cancer

They enjoy worrying excessively and jumping to solutions, even when they are clearly out in depth.


Aquarians maintain their cool, there are moments when they completely lose it.

4. Aquarius

it must be about a really significant issue for them to go to extremes.


You can learn everything there is to know about a Scorpio if you're lucky enough to be included in their inner circle.

5. Scorpio

they present a cool pel├žade to the wider world, but are easily triggered.


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