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The Most Stressed Zodiac Sign

It should come as no surprise that Capricorns, the hardest workers in the zodiac, are also the most anxious.

1. Capricorn

They enjoy the pursuit of success and insist that they require no assistance in accomplishing their goals.


Pisces aren't as chill and laid back as you might imagine.

2. Pisces

They are highly perceptive, and their feelings are frequently in overdrive. 


Virgo, like Gemini, has a serious problem with overthinking and obsessing over the tiniest of matters.

3. Virgo

 They have a reputation for being worried, and once they get going in a downward spiral, there's no stopping them.


You can almost always count on a Gemini to be the sign that gives too much thought to an issue. 

4. Gemini

These people are racing ahead of the pack to guarantee that they are included in every discussion.


It's common knowledge that Sagittarius likes to think large and develop ambitious goals. 

5. Sagittarius

 They believe that there is always more that they could be doing or accomplishing.


Libras have a reputation for being calm under pressure, they are actually quite vulnerable.

6. Libra

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