The Most Unpredictable Zodiac Sign

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1. Gemini

A Gemini's core nature is adaptive and alert, which allows them to handle varied undertakings or situations.


 If you don't see them for a few months, you may be surprised where they end up.

2. Sagittarius

 Sagittarians never settle. In the majority of time, they're unpredictable.


Yet, Saggies typically act before thinking, making them unpredictable.

3. Aries

People with the sun sign of Aries are considered to be competitive with a strong urge to accomplish and conquer.


They always act before thinking on their highly concentrated journey to achieving first and number one.

4. Scorpio

Scorpios are intuitive but don't share their feelings. 


They're unpredictable because they want to suit themselves.

5. Leo

You can't foresee Leo's next move, let alone their future choices.


Leo's mind is difficult—they could be pleased one second and furious the next.

6. Aquarius

Aquarians are eccentric and unusual, and they typically march to their own drum.


They have a fiercely independent streak and aren't hesitant to go against the grain, making them a bit hard to predict.

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